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Read anywhere and anytime just by squeezing out a phone. Listen to audio books with the convenient built-in player. Over 10 thousand books for every taste and special collections with discounts just for you


The mechanical model of the robot is based on a model of the skeleton of a dog.

Don't worry, no dogs were harmed in the process. This approach has allowed to achieve the maximum similarity between the robot and the dog. As an additional modification, two manipulators are installed on the robot's back in order to perform useful actions. Now the robot can work with objects of any complexity.


No Frost

Create tasks and save your time, and you can also be a performer and earn money by completing tasks remotely or in your city. We put our soul into it and are proud of our creation. Try it, you will definitely like it.


Design development of 3D printers with a large print area.

In this case the print area is 800x800x800. It was necessary to develop an innovative control system of table heating, and a system of stabilization in the Z-axis. The closed housing of the printer allows to print really big details. Our new feed system of plastic allowed us to significantly increase printing speed with good quality.


Knifes UIS

Knifes UIS is a simple casual device game designed to kill your free time. The essence of the game is to throw knives at targets with varying degrees of difficulty. In particular, the targets are pumpkins, which are not so easy to hit.


Tractor toy model

The tractor toy model is a miniature radio-controlled (wifi) copy of the Deutz-Fahr 7250 tractor in 1/32 scale. We have focused on all the details in order to recreate the original shape as much as possible for maximum similarity. Despite its size, the model is fully functional, 4wd, front and rear lifting mechanisms, PTO shafts, headlights, feet, extra lights, flashing lights, everything works like in the original.



You can find a personal trainer with any specialization. People from anywhere in the world are available to you. Subscribe to the workout and get the best first-hand advice


Jumper UIS

The game is reminiscent of the famous Flappy Birds game, but it is here that the more qualitative physics of movements and picture are realized. With each level the help of SEAL will be more and more difficult, from that and more interesting. Try to score at least 10 points (only true gamers can do it). Don't let her get caught in a fox's mouth or a crab's claws. The longer you hold on, the more obstacles you'll encounter.


Press for primary recycling of plastic bottles.

Its function is to compress plastic bottles into bales that take up less space and are easy to transport. This press is ready to recycle plastic bottles in any quantity.



Mobile application of Ukrainian video hosting UVI. Download and edit your videos with ease. Earn money for watching videos and withdraw to your bank card.


Jump Cool UIS

The essence of the game is this: you, in the role of a strange ghost must move on special islands and gain cherished points. But here's the catch, there are hostile monsters hovering around, when contact with which you have to start all over again. To succeed, they must be avoided.



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Household waste processing system.

It took a lot of time to implement reactor and the system of putification and cooling of the resulting products. As a result, liquid boiler fuel is produced which is used in power plants and slag is used in road construction. In this way, waste-free production is achieved. At the moment the plant is being developed which is able to produce gasoline and diesel fuel from the resulting liquid fuel.


Voice Trainer

Voice Trainer is an app that teaches you how to sing just like the original performer. Sing with pleasure and the application will tell you where you sang wrong. Crop the song as you please, choosing the best moments.


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